Swastika Deerantler

My friend Shamanotzi made this pieces of deerantler

Swastika Palm

Work by my Italian friend Amos

Swastika Mramorac

Silver belt of Mramorac type with beautiful ornaments, Iron Age period, 5th century BC, found in Umčari, near Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
Collection of the National Museum of Serbia in Belgrade.
Mramorac type belts, silver and golden, made by Thracian tribe tribal, can be found all over central Serbia. In most cases they were excavated in pairs, and Tribalian graves.

Swastika Yant

Thai Buddhist yant
To be worn on the hand to stop excessive bleeding.
Thanxx Dene

Swastika Psy7.com

Manda send us greetings from Berlin from her shop psy7.com

Swastika Amazing

My friend Katarzyna visiting Nepal and seeing the most amazing things

Swastika Neck

Work by Jakab Tattoo Zürich, Switzerland on Olivia

Swastika Bologna

An other from Italy Nicola Y Giuseppetti in Bologna

Swastika Antique Tile

Antique tile found in Sicily