Swastika Ratchet

ts called a Raashan (noiser) its a toy for children for Purim holiday
The Raashan is a spinning object. Which makes a loud noise. This is a symbol of "cleaning the slate". Leaving something in the past. Overcoming. So itz connected to the symbol of the swastika of eternal spin. Eternal movement. In the jewish tradition we have an obsesion with trying to forget..leave behind..overcome all the times in history where we were under threat of death or extinction.

Swastika Show Off

My friend Jonathan and some of his collection

Swastika De Kapitein

Work by my friend De Kapitein Gent, Belgium

Swastika Baalbek

Close up from a piece in Baalbek, Lebanon

Swastika Darwin

Darwin got some drawing skills

Swastika Go

Swastika Cups

Björn from Sweden, and his cups

Swastika Underleg

Work by my English friend Chris Machin

Swastika Machine

Machine by Sergey Shpigel Russia